University of Mary’s Year-Round Campus, where students leapfrog higher education’s biggest challenges

The nation’s high school seniors are anxiously awaiting college acceptance letters. These days, however, students and their families face more than just the usual Will-I-get-in? worries. Never has the decision to pursue higher education been accompanied by so many challenges:

  • The cost of higher education (tripled over recent years)
  • The time it takes to complete an undergraduate degree (and the graduate education so many professions require)
  • The crushing burden of student loan debt (at a staggering national total of $1.6 trillion), which robs students of the earning power of their degree

While politicians debate ways to address these challenges, a Catholic university in Bismarck, North Dakota is pioneering a real solution.

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  • A new pathway opens Pioneering is nothing new to the Benedictine Sisters who came to the Dakota Territory in 1878 and founded the college that would become the University of Mary.

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  • In their spirit, Mary is already a model of innovation built on a solid base of tradition. Offering degrees in today’s most in-demand fields, at a tuition cost that’s half the national average for private higher education, Mary has already earned a reputation for affordable excellence. But was there more the University of Mary could offer, when challenges deter so many from even applying to college? Walking the empty campus during the summer, university president Msgr James P.

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  • Shea had an inspiration. “Why just one way to a university degree? Why not open a new pathway that enables students to experience vibrant college life and learning in every season, year-round?” It makes sense. The US inherited the traditional summers-free college calendar from European universities designed to serve the aristocracy. That model once served our country’s primarily agricultural societies, but has long outgrown its practicality for today’s students. And so the University of Mary’s Year-Round Campus (YRC) was born. Not just an accelerated summer session, the YRC is designed so that students graduate at less cost, in less time, and with greater earning potential than in traditional programs. Can I afford college? Bucking the cost trend Lower cost is a welcome factor for many students and their families. In addition to University of Mary’s already-low tuition rates, students enrolled in the YRC receive a discount on summer fees—even though the level of instruction and the amenities of campus living are at the same high level as in the fall and spring terms. That’s a deal-maker for students and their families. Canotta Golden State Warriors “I was very interested in saving money and time with this program that involved the Year-Round Campus,” says student Sarah Frank, whose parents also loved the idea. Aaron Rodgers Cal Jerseys How can I justify taking so many years to graduate? Making time count University of Mary’s YRC helps students leapfrog one of the most aggravating higher education obstacles – time-to-degree. The average US student now takes 5 or 6 years to complete a traditional 4-year degree program – and significantly longer to complete postgraduate work. Hollister At Year-Round Campus, students can earn their undergraduate degree in just 2.6 years of continuous study. And because University of Mary offers advanced degrees in many programs, YRC graduates can transition immediately from graduate studies, earning a Master’s degree in a total of 4 years – less time than it takes most US students to earn a B.A. “I’m planning to major in Marketing and receive my Master’s in Business Administration,” says student Karly Palczewski. By going to school year-round, Karly says, “you open yourself up to summer internships and job opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to pursue in my small hometown. It will give any student taking the year-round path an advantage.” When will I ever begin to earn why my degree cost? Breaking the yoke of college debt The Year-Round Campus plan, Msgr.

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  • Shea says, takes the two or more empty summers traditional students have and flips them around to the postgraduate period, so students can enter the work force that many years earlier.

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  • Not only does this liberate students and families from the educational debt load – it also grants Mary’s YRC graduates an immediate boost in earning power. That may not seem like much, but the combined reduction in student loan debt and accelerated entry into the work force gives YRC graduates an average $322,193 lifetime-earnings benefit over their traditional-program counterparts – a benefit that increases to $529,409 for students with a Master’s degree. asics gel nimbus 14 donna A real revolution Msgr. Shea believes the Year-Round Campus model is the first great revolution in higher education since the GI Bill made college affordable for veterans of World War II. He is confident that what University of Mary has pioneered will soon spread across the country. It’s appropriate that such innovation in higher education come from a Catholic university.

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    Brett Favre’s Catholic faith carries him to the Hall of Fame

    This weekend Brett Favre, one of the greatest NFL players of all time, will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. On Thursday he was presented with the prestigious “gold jacket,” the highest honor a player can get in the NFL. What is unique about the event is that his wife Deanna presented him with the jacket and will formally introduce him at Saturday’s induction ceremony. She is only the second wife of a football player to do so. [youtube=] Favre said about the decision to have his wife participate, “Deanna is the best teammate I’ve ever had…She has been by my side throughout this journey and I’m so excited that she gets to play such an important role for me.” The two have been together since high school and their teamwork was tested early on in their relationship. At age 19, Deanna found out she was pregnant and as Favre was the starting quarterback at Southern Mississippi University, they were not ready to be parents. Her friends pressured her to have an abortion, but Deanna refused, saying, “there was no way I could destroy an innocent life.” She even admitted that having premarital sex was “a bad choice, and for every choice there’s a consequence.” It was their shared Catholic faith that ultimately convinced them not to have an abortion and so Deanna gave birth to their first daughter, Brittany. Maglie Atlanta Hawks They remained together throughout Favre’s success in college and the NFL and finally got married in 1996 at the height of his career with the Green Bay Packers. Everything seemed to be going right. Favre became a three-time league MVP, won a Super Bowl, and started to break all the records. Then everything changed in 2003 and 2004. A day before a game against the Oakland Raiders, Favre was notified of the death of his father. This devastated Favre as he greatly admired his father, from whom he received much of his hard work ethic and stubborn personality. In fact, his father had always wanted to present Favre at the Hall of Fame ceremony and would have done so if he were alive. He took his pain to the football field, passing for 399 yards and 4 touchdowns to solidify a 41-7 victory. nike air max thea print prezzo His father wouldn’t have had it any other way. [youtube=] Ten months later his brother-in-law was killed in an accident and shortly after that Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Maglia LeBron James It was a whirlwind of a year full of emotions that ultimately strengthened them and deepened their Catholic faith. Deanna said in an interview with The Compass, “I just feel like, with faith, it helps me see the good in everything…I thank God all of the time that I have faith because I don’t understand what people would do without faith.” She credited her mother for giving her a firm foundation, something to stand on during the many trials they experienced, “She was a huge influence. We were brought up Catholic and we’re still strong Catholics.” After four months of chemotherapy, Deanna was declared cancer-free. The experience prompted her to extend their charitable foundation to include organizations that provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients. Their foundation, Favre4Hope, has donated $8 million dollars to charitable organizations since its inception in 1995. Additionally, Deanna was the driving force behind a pink Pray for a Cure Bible that was published to raise awareness of breast cancer. air max 2017 wit Deanna handpicked Bible verses aimed at breast cancer survivors and patients. Asics Gel Quantum 360 Dames Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28 (“We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose”), which has motivated her to persevere in every trial. Priests who knew the Favre family in Green Bay and Mississippi said they were impressed by their faith. Canotte NBA a Poco Prezzo Fr.

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  • Tommy Conway, their pastor in Mississippi, said, “I think Deanna has shaped Brett Favre into the man he is today.

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  • I give her an awful lot of credit. Teddy Bridgewater – Louisville Cardinals They have faced adversity in their lives and they are both better people for it.” In the end, while Brett Favre will go down in history as one of the best NFL players to ever play the game, he and his wife understand that none of it will matter when they part from this world to the next.